Characteristics and Functions of Duct Production Line

The duct production line mainly refers to the entire process of air duct forming.

Generally speaking, one single machine is able to complete different products.

It can be seen that in the duct production line, a fully automatic production line can greatly reduce the use of labor. At the same time, the raw materials must be tightly pressed in each production section so that the materials can reduce the generation of waste. The cutting function can cut off the raw materials to facilitate the next step. It can make the whole process more efficient and faster.

The duct production line is a high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost production line, and the equipment is relatively small and easy to move. It can adapt to high-efficiency production as well as mass production. The production line mainly consists of electric double disc feeding, feeding flat press, shearing corner, shearing machine, moving clamp machine, double-link flange machine, and bending machine. Different parts of the production line have different functions.

Features and functions of duct production line:

  1. Electric double disc rack
    It is mainly to complete the feeding functions of automatic feeding, material return, and point movement and has a good protection effect on the surface of the sheet metal.
  2. Sheet leveling
    The feeding roller-shaped plastic bag ensures the anti-slip of the sheet in order to avoid damage to the appearance of the sheet. That is because the material selection of the embossing roller has an important effect on the arc and angle of the sheet.
  3. Adjustment part
    The shearing angle section is flat pressed on the tail and can be adjusted freely according to the width of the metal plate. When you use a powerful hydraulic system, if you want to get a different shearing angle, you will just need to change the mold.
  4. Clipboard part
    They are mainly used for cutting when changing materials.
  5. Bite machine
    The primary purpose is to ensure the size of the plate. When the predetermined length is reached, the mobile bite machine will automatically cut off and return to a series of actions to achieve the bite function.
  6. Double machine connecting rod automatic folding machine
    The double machine connecting rod is composed of four rollers. When the plate enters the roller, the plate is formed.
  7. The curved part
    When the plate moves to a predetermined length, the bending part automatically carries out the bending movement of the plate.

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