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    Plasma & Laser Cutting Machine

    CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    The CNC plasma cutting machine mainly used to cut the sheet metal for HVAC ventilation duct, so the suitable sheet metal thickness is 0.4-6 mm galvanized sheet. For stainless steel, the max thickness is 2 mm. The machine mainly consists of main machine, generator and CNC control system.

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    Auto Duct Production Line

    Duct Fitting Laser Cutting Coil Line

    Fengli HVAC Duct and Fitting Laser Cutting Coil Line including De-coiler rack, leveling device, laser machine table with automatic Disc rotating, output platform. Working principle: the coil material from the de-coiler is leveled by the leveling device and then enters the laser cutting table. After the cutting is completed, the leveling machine continuously feeds the material, and the automatic Disc rotating platform transports the cut parts to the output platform. After the leveling machine feeds, the system runs to cut the second drawing target, and the first target can be processed at the same time. So that the reciprocating work greatly improves the overall processing speed and efficiency.

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