What are the requirements for making spiral duct machine?

Making a spiral duct machine requires the following steps:

  1. Design: Determine the specifications and technical requirements of the spiral pipe bender according to customer needs, and carry out 3D design.
  2. Material selection: choose the appropriate material to meet the strength and corrosion resistance requirements.
  3. Manufacture: Manufacture according to design drawings, including forming, welding and processing.
  4. Processing: The air duct is machined to ensure dimensional accuracy.
  5. Inspection: inspect the air duct machine to ensure product quality.
  6. Installation: Install the air duct machine according to the customer’s needs, and conduct a trial run of the system.
  7. After-sales service: provide maintenance, repair, maintenance and other customer services.

The exact implementation of these steps may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
The precautions for making the spiral duct machine are as follows:
Choose the right material to ensure the strength and durability of the duct.
Ensure the helical curve is hydrodynamic to ensure efficiency.
Accurately calculate and ensure that the diameter of the spiral duct matches the air volume.
When installing, ensure that there are no obstacles in the spiral air duct to prevent blockage.
Strengthen the spiral air duct fixing bracket to ensure stability.
Comply with safety regulations and laws during manufacture, installation and use.

The requirements for the production of spiral duct machines include:
Material: Choose high-quality materials with high strength and corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel.
Design: According to the actual operating environment and requirements, reasonably design the shape, size, air inlet, air outlet, etc. of the air duct machine.
Processing technology: Adopt appropriate processing technology to ensure the accuracy and stability of the product.
Inspection and quality control: Strict quality inspection and control are carried out on the produced air duct machines to ensure that the products meet the quality standards.
Installation: Pay attention to safety factors when installing the spiral duct machine, and follow the relevant installation specifications and requirements.

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